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About Us

Born in 2017, BIAH USA Inc works nationally as a consulting company in information technology landscape. Apart from consulting, Biah USA is also specialized in project management for several disciplines such as: CCM-Customer Communication Management and Omni-channel communication, Business Process Automation, Field Force Management, POS Software, Network & Cyber security.

We value professionalism and innovation. Our primarily concern is our clients and answering to their needs is our goal.

In order to attend to every need BIAH USA possesses an expert team of engineers focused on the client’s needs and targets. Prepared to present viable solutions and to overcome problems.

Information and Technology Consulting Services Landscape

IRCM Digital Transformation

Our experts can help you to revolutionize your IT landscape with immediate savings and enhanced customer experience.
With a innovative IRCM-Integrated Revenue and Customer Management solutions, we will guide you in an important IT transformational process.
We can simply digitalize a small customer interaction process or we can take it all with your Billing/Catalog/Order Entry and Lead Management processes.

IT Staffing & Services Optimization Strategy

Through a muti-geography exposure we can implement a strategy where we will be able to take your IT staffing&services to the next level.
Immediate savings and clear accountability will guide you to a better position in less than six months.

Business Process Automation

With the best of breed RPA systems and voice interaction systems we will impact your customers experience and your Opex costs, as well.

Field Force Management

The digital consumer lives in an era of speed, it makes sense to have a field service which shows on time, that shows flexibility and with a good level of traceability. With innovative scheduling and routing systems we will help you to bring your field service to another era.

POS Software and In-store Retail Experience

With innovative and wirelees technologies we drive you to a better store experience: Inventory management, payment terminals, kiosks and data automation systems. We will drive you in a consistent evolution.

Network & Cyber Security

At the enterprise or individual level, we will bring you to a better security standard.

Consulting Services

IT Consulting

With the best of breed solutions and deep understanding of our customer needs, we would be able to find the project’s sweet spot improving TCO and Time to Market dramatically. Through third party technologies we are also able to partner with our final customer in order to increase its service offer portfolio.

Project Management

Supporting and following the SW solution decision, our team can guarantee a successful delivery to the customer’s business team.


Light Fixtures Upgrade to LED (Contract management)
Printing and Finish (Contract Management)
CCM & Omni-Channel Customer Communication Management
Business Process Automation

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